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Longley Organic Farm

The future of commercial organic farming is in our backyard.

We are a future focused organic urban farm, pushing traditional  agricultural boundaries,

tackling climate change in our backyard,whilst operating as a commercially viable business.


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We realise the massive role that regenerative farming has in reducing climate change.

Through working with both plant, and soil microbiology, regenerative farming methods recapture and store atmospheric carbon in the soil, long term, increasing soil water retention and growing nutrient dense food.

We’re passionate about equipping others to achieve the same.



Openly teaching  microbe/carbon farming methods to encourage sharing the positive progress achieved here.

To the greater community, Longley Organic Farm offers

Local access

To; Quality organic food, and ethically sourced regenerative farming inputs.

     ; Itself, Longley Organic Farm as a working model.

We provide practical workshops on the farm to demonstrate and display regenerative micro farming techniques, tools and inputs.

Global access

Our Urban and Microfarming website is a resource to share globally what we have learnt and links to the specialised equipment we use.



Our one-stop shop for Urban Microfarming supplies, at our Farmgate and online,

an outlet at our farm for Tasmanians to access much of the equipment featured on this website.

An e-commerce site for local and Australian retail ; We will provide commercial scale resources in the smaller quantities that are needed for micro-farming.

We will make available tools & equipment required for successful commercial regenerative market gardening to Australia and our region, through links on this website and our soon to start, e-commerce platform.