Our Story, Vision & Mission


Our story


Since buying our 11 acres of marginal land in 2003, first we undertook weed removal and native regeneration projects, restoring the river ecology, replanting native species and creating a haven for wildlife, birds and insects.

Twelve years on our land is now a certified organic farm, producing food over 4 ½ acres, with the remaining 7 acres comprising native forest, heathland and river flats.

Longley Organic Farm  uses ‘no dig’ micro farming techniques involving constant
crop cultivation and rotation without the use of heavy machinery, as
popularised by J.M. Fortier in ‘The Market Gardener’.
Promoting healthy bio-active soils resulting in soil carbon
storage, higher disease resistance and more nutrient dense food crops.

We combine these strategies and tools  with regenerative inputs and processes such as biochar, effective microorganisms, hot composting and use of humates.



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Longley Organic Farm values include working closely with the earth in a diverse ecosystem, for sustainable local organic food production and our own wellbeing.

We love bringing people from all over the planet together on the farm, working with and teaching them through a hands on approach to natural learning with this land.

We sell food directly from our Farmgate honesty shop also through local retailers and vegie box programs.

We provide affordable organic food at a local level.

A food hub in our local community and a sustainable enterprise for our family.

We value sharing knowledge and skills for sustainable food production, and have a growing variety of ethically sourced regenerative inputs, commercial microfarming supplies and equipment available for the public in small to medium quantities.



Our vision


Our vision is to show people how to grow food using regenerative practices and help them access the tools, equipment and inputs to do it.

Ensure carbon is stored for longer in the soil, quicker than it is released into the atmosphere.

Make nutrient dense food access a normal community process.


How regenerative farming can fix climate change



Our mission


Our mission is to;

Connect people to the natural environment and their food source,

Provide organic, sustainably grown food,

Supply resources and training so people can regenerate land and produce their own food;

Offer experiences that enhance health and wellbeing and

Provide a community hub and meeting place.


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