Bed preparation tools


The broadfork or grelinette is a cornerstone tool for regenerative commercial/human scale farming. A solid steel 600mm wide base and five 280mm tynes with light weight wooden handles allows back saving ease to aerate and decompress 750mm wide permabeds in one pass.

By using 200- 250mm spacing between applications on your raised bed, the gentle movement of the handles toward you is enough for a deep soil penetration while not overly disturbing the soil web, resulting in numerous benefits including;

  • decreased weed burden as buried seed is not brought to the surface from turning,
  • leaving soil microbes (beneficial bacteria, nematodes, protozoa, fungi) relatively undisturbed,
  • greater continuity of soil carbon creation. resulting in increased cation exchange, moisture holding, decreased fertiliser use and runoff,
  • no clay panning,
  • deeper and healthier root development,
  • natural drainage,
  • The benefits go on.



The Broadfork, a must-have no dig farming tool, providing deep aeration of the soil without disturbing soil structure or microbial life. Available from Longley Organic Farm


Bed prep rake


We use this very sturdy and lightweight bed prep rake from Johnny’s Selected Seeds  (US), and here from us at Longley Organic Farm.

Used after forming commercial permabeds with a Berta plough to lower and widen the beds to the desired size, before broadforking.  Making incorporate compost and fertiliser with the Rinaldi power harrow possible without unnecessary dragging of soil.



We use the tilther to prepare for intensive (carpet) planting of salads, kales, spinach and other baby leaf crops. Essential for preparing the top 30mm of soil for intensive planting, the tilther creates a seed raising style top layer with the following benefits.

  • Great soil to seed contact to support maximum germination,
  • Prepares a level and even harvesting surface, important for use with the QCH Quick Cut Greens Harvester,
  • Incorporates compost and fertiliser into the top layer evenly.

A joy to use, quiet and drill powered the tilther is great for use in hot houses. Available from  Johnny’s Selected Seeds  (US),  or us here at Longley Organic Farm

















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