Crop Supports

Crop supports refer to any gear we use to keep our crops growing upright and spaced as we want them to be.


Ringlock tomato frames

An idea I came across from an Eliot Coleman video is this individual plant frame from stock fencing, I gave it a try last year with our San Marzanos and Yellow and Red Pear tomatoes.

Cut a 1.4 metre length, about 11spaces of the ringlock, fold it into a cylinder and join it in three places,top, middle and base (larger gap to base, reverse use as per stock fence).

Join using  fencing stapler/ring fastener such as a Jambro,FB6C86DC-C9AB-4EAC-95DB-7F96D85531DB pictured here being used by my then nine year old son.

The cages are about 450 -550mm in diameter, whatever suits. We had about 100mm between cages ie tomatoes a metre apart. They worked very well allowing easy pruning, picking and airflow. At about $8 each they are not cheap but will outlast my grandchildren, yet to be born.

We then pin it to the permabed with just two weed mat pins as the tomato plant will then be secured to the cage with tomato/vine clips (see below)

Note! Never throw away old half decent ring lock fencing, when used with old star pickets at 3 – 5 metre intervals it makes the best support for peas and beans, cucumbers and climbing tomatoes such as cherries and pear varieties.

Tomato / Vine clips

IMG_3396As used above, these clips are very fast to install and have plenty of space for a growing stem. U.V stabilized they will save you time and last many years.

They are applicable to many plant types.

Tomato / Vine clips are available online at Gundaroo Tiller










Tomato clips – Tomatoes and vines, easy to use, lasts many seasons. Johnny’s, LOF


Tomahooks – Hothouse support for tomatoes and cucumbers. Quality stainless steel hooks and ropes will last many seasons, at affordable prices. Johnny’s, LOF


Tomato frames – home made, old ringlock fencing or buy from us at Longley Organic Farm (Tasmania only)

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