Soil inputs we produce and sell


In the course of building our regenerative microfarm we have developed a number of products we use and share with the wider community. Here is an informative list of our products and availability.


All of the above products and more are available from the regenerative garden supplies section of our farmgate honesty shop

Composting worms

IMG_2301Our worm bags contain 100g of adult and juvenile worms (250- 600 worms) as well as worm eggs and bedding – an ample amount to start or revitalise a worm cafe/ worm farm. The bags contain 3.5kg of bedding, half converted horse manure (non odourous), composting worms benefit from the bacterial relationship provided by horse manure n particular.  The bags have a guaranteed shelf life of three months and will remain content for upwards of six months.

Comprehensive worm care and use instructions on the worm bag. Currently available through our Farmgate Shop, all Mitre 10 stores Tasmania wide and good gardening centres in Southern Tasmania. For wholesale enquiries please contact us.


Biochar, activated and non activated

Biochar is charcoal made through a specific process that stores carbon from plant material with long lasting stability.

Biochar is microporous, so it greatly improves soil water holding capacity and helps hold nutrients in the soil. Added to seed raising mix will increase germination rates, added to crops  will increase cation exchange capacity, reducing fertiliser run off while allowing better drainage.

It provides a habitat for beneficial microbes and mycorrhizae, so greatly promotes soil health and healthy plants.

Available in different grades and sized bags, 1, 5, 10 and 20 litre.

Superfine: 0-5mm; fine: 5-10mm and standard grade.  Activated with Effective Microbes and seaweed solution. Recommended application for crops 100-300ml/ m2. Can be added annually and will build up the soil over many years, as part of an effective long term carbon storage strategy.

Available for purchase through Longley Organic Farm. 10 litre bags available now only $15. Bag comes with further information and application instructions.

We are about to start a new line of Biochar products that will be available online and through all good Hobart garden centres.

We also supply Biochar cone kilns (and demonstrate) at very affordable prices.

For wholesale enquiries please contact us.


Complete Organic Fertiliser, COF


Formulated for vegies in Tasmanian soils our COF is based on 2016 Steve Solomon recipe. COF grows all food crops well and promotes nutrient dense food crops.

Our deep green C.O.F contains the following;

Tasmanian non gmo canola meal, bone meal*, Guano gold (BFA reg input), Tasmanian Bull Kelp (cert org), ‘Eco Min’ Rock dust (ACO reg input), N.T.S humic acid powder and soluble humate granules (both ACO reg inputs), Gypsum, Ag. lime, Potassium Sulphate and trace elements.

For potting mix – add 100g/10L
COF-3LFor vegie beds: 2 large handfuls (400ml) per square metre

Currently $10 for 2.5kg. we will soon have a 3 litre and 6 litre version that will be available online and through all good Hobart garden centres.

For wholesale enquiries please contact us.

 * Excluded in vegan formula

Tailored organic fertiliser

Soil-Doctor-ServiceThe ‘Backyard Agronomist’ in conjunction with Longley Organic Farm is now able to offer a ‘Soil Doctor Service’, to provide a bespoke regenerative fertiliser from organic inputs, custom-made to best meet your purposes and your garden’s nutritional requirements.

This high quality/low cost amelioration service is made possible by the client testing their own soil with an easy DIY kit we provide, instructional video included. How to take a soil sample

Your soil sample is sent off and tested for nutrient levels, pH level, organic matter and cation exchange capacity through Spectrum Analytic, in Ohio, USA. The results are then interpreted by local soil agronomist, “Backyard Agronomist” Garth Coghlan (Grad. Dip. Ag. Science)

Using a base cation saturation ratio (BCSR) mainstream approach of nutrient sufficiency Garth will give recommendations, prescribe a remedial formula and a fertiliser will be made up by us specific to your soil’s needs, providing optimum results for its intended use.

To arrange for a test kit please contact us


Worm castings (vermicompost)

Worm-CastingsA natural plant growth and root stimulant full of beneficial microbes which provide plants with easy access to the available nutrients in the castings.

Wormcastings are; pH balanced, help to increase soil organic matter and aids moisture retention. It wont burn plants or roots and is gentle on seedlings.

Worm tea can be made by placing the contents in an open weave (sack,stocking etc), placed in a bucket of potable water and leaving for as long as you like, longer – better. Water the tea solution down 10:1 and use with a foliar spray or direct to the soil.

Worm castings can be used as a top dressing, incorporated into soil sparingly, or added 1:10 with compost.

15L/ $10 Available only from our farm gate shop

Wormsol, for compost and worm farm


Slowly brewed by trickling mountain water through aged worm castings over several months, Wormsol with added humates is packed full of the beneficial bacteria that’s needed to support infant worm digestion and developement. Add it diluted to your worm farm to maximise colony health. With added humate Wormsol will aid in forming stable carbon and enhance composts.

Available from our farmgate regenerative inputs range.

For wholesale enquiries please contact us.


Wormsol+, premium plant tonic


Potting blends

Veggie-MixComplete Organic Vegie Potting mix.

We use Seagreens potting mix from HALS, ( ACO registered input) and we have added our Complete Organic Fertiliser (COF). Available in a 25 litre bag for $10 It contains many of our regenerative soil inputs.

Blueberry and Native potting mixes.

Both mixes are a lower pH and low phosphate blend.

All three blends are available from our farmgate nursery.





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