Our Farmgate Shop



Positioned naturally in a community hub, our Farmgate Honesty shop offers a zero food mile opportunity to the greater community.

providing not only Certified organic produce, but everything you may need to grow it yourself.

All payments are placed into the yellow pillar box in the shopfront. Our Farmgate ShopThere is an ATM at the Longley hotel (200 metres)


The Farmgate Shop has two distinct areas,

Produce, and Vegie Patch Supplies.



Garlic Hanging


Seasonal Vegies and Berries

All of our produce (vegies and berries.) are certified organic, there is a current list on the window. If you are not sure please check. All produce is seasonably available.Some items are locally produced, are high quality but are not certified. We check they are spray free. eg, apples.


Raw Honey varieties

Our honeys are produced from hives located in remote wilderness areas of Tasmania by healthy bees under the careful guidance of artisan apiarist, Juris Anderson. All of the honeys retain medicinal integrity in their raw state.

Currently we are fortunate to have a diverse range; Lake Pedder Wild Flower, Prickly Box, Blue gum, Summer Blossom and Leatherwood in three sizes 130g, 330g, 680g we also have gift boxes available. We are unable to sell different sizes to the ones referred to here.

As with all of our stock only a limited amount can be produced.


Jam Varieties

Raspberry, Blueberry and Blackberry Jam available in small (120g), medium (300g) and large (600g) sizes. Loganberry Jam (120g)


Dried herbs , teas & native pepperberries

Vegie patch supplies





Seasonal  vegie seedlings grown in registered organic soil.

Smallfruits – Raspberry, Blueberry, Strawberry, Currant, Gooseberry, Josterberry varieties.

Endemic native heathland and sclerophyll species for smaller to medium regen projects.

Culinary and medicinal herbs.


Potting mixes

Complete Organic Vegie Potting mix.

We use Seagreens potting mix from HALS, (registerd organic input) and we have added our Complete Organic Fertiliser (COF). Available in a 25 litre bag for $10 It contains many of our regenerative soil inputs. we can do small bulk orders locally eg 1.2 cubic metres. POA.

Blueberry and Native potting mixes. Both mixes are a lower pH and low phosphate blend.




Regenerative Soil inputs

Refer to ‘Inputs we produce and sell’ page under Soil Health

Compost, Seagreens fine, pine free compost ACO reg input.(Refer to Soil Health section) We stockpile then add Effective Microbes allowing  to age like a good farmer wine. Available in 30 litre bags/ $10. Small bulk orders available eg 1.2 cubic metres. POA.

Worm Castings (Vermicompost). made here on our property, it contains a food web of its own, rich in beneficial microbes, naturally balanced it is the perfect soil food. 15 litres/ $10 (worm castings tend to carry seeds.)

Composting Worms. Make your own worm castings or leachate. Longley Organic Farm Composting Worm Bags contain enough mature worms and eggs to start or repopulate a worm farm, worm cafe or Biolytix system. This product is also available from most garden centres in the greater Hobart area and Mitre Ten Tasmania wide.

Complete Organic Fertiliser. COF .Standard and Vegan formulae made on our farm, using a host of regenerative organic inputs, We have adapted Steve Solomons’ updated formula for Tassie soils and added some extra inputs to enhance soil regeneration and carbon storage. refer to Soil Health pages. Soon to be available in 3 and 6 litre bags.now 2.5 litre/ $10.

Biochar. Activated and Non-activated. Available grades; Superfine  1 Р3mm, Fine 3 -8mm or Standard 5 Р15mm and amounts; 1 litre, 5litre, 10litre, Non-activated in 20litre






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