Longley Organic Farm provides an extensive range of  items from  – certified organic produce, raw honey and jam to  – raw inputs and plants for the vegie patch, smallfruits and native regen  – a soil testing and amendment service to  – commercial market gardening equipment (still in the early stages.)

We provide to the consumer, you, through our Farmgate shop and many Outlets around Tasmania and more recently on the mainland.(limited)


 Retail Sales

You can buy directly from our Farmgate honesty certified organic vegie and vegie patch supplies shop, sign up to our vegie box program or buy from one of our many stockists. Please refer to the relevant pages on this site.



Wholesale customers are welcome to contact us for current availability and terms.


From our pantry;

Unheated Honey:

Leatherwood, Prickly Box, Summer Blossom, Lake Pedder Wildflower, Carrot flower, and Blue gum. Sizes: Small (130g), medium (330g) large (680g). Blue gum  small and medium only, Carrot flower small only.




Raspberry, Blueberry and Blackberry Jam available in small (120g), medium (300g) and large (600g) sizes. Loganberry Jam (120g)



Certified Organic berries (seasonal)

Blueberries, Raspberries, Strawberries


Garlic Hanging


Certified Organic Vegetables (seasonal)

Salad mix, asian greens, kale, spinach, silverbeet, garlic, potatoes, carrots, beetroot, tomatoes, zucchini, cucumber, capsicum, squash, pumpkin, basil, coriander, chives, spring onions, leeks and more. Please contact us for the current availability list.




Dried herbs

Native pepperberries, pepperberry leaves, bay leaves, thyme, oregano, raspberry leaf, blueberry leaf, rosemary, chives, basil

For Garden centers;


Regenerative garden inputs include;


-Composting worms, Wormcastings, Wormsol  and Wormsol +(liquified wormcastings), Complete Organic Fertiliser (standard and vegan), Biochar (activated and non activated)  Please refer to our Inputs we produce and sell page under Soil Health.



For Urban/ Microfarm Support and Supplies.


New to our facility, Longley Organic Farm now extends many of the learning experiences and equipment onsite to you as interested market gardeners or lifestylers.

We have supplied, for a number of years now, all the plants grown on the farm as well as  inputs, to the public from our Farmgate.

In the coming year we hope to redevelop our Farmgate area to offer a more comprehensive range of microfarming equipment.


From Our Learning and Experience

Website, workshops and get involved

providing a place for accessing and sharing relevant knowledge and experience in our pursuit as certified organic vegie growers and regenerative carbon/microbe farmers.

We achieve this through links, blogs, forums and on farm workshops.


Soon to be linked to an online sales platform, many of the tools and inputs etc will be available online as well as from our farm




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