Walking tractor and attachments

For a number of years, people would comment to me,”  ’bout time you got a tractor, maybe one of those hobby farm jobbies…” To which I would inevitably reply, what I need isn’t around yet, as I didn’t have a hobby farm, they didn’t get it.

It would take myself and some WWOOFers a day to make four ten metre beds, add amendments and compost and level it out.

In March 2016 I had the good fortune to do a workshop with J.M.Fortier, it was the most meaningful workshop I’ve ever done. To my joy this good minded person had realised so many of the same dilemmas I had, only J.M made it his mission to sort all of those functional issues out. Thanks J.M

Now I have a tractor!

And it’s the right one, This beast couples up to the most advanced time and labor saving regenerative farming attachments on the market. I can easily re prepare the equivalent of 30,  30 metre no dig beds by myself in a day using the Berta plough to redig the paths,  topdressing the beds before broadforking, after which i can incorporate my compost and amendments into our heavy feeder beds to 100mm depth in their rotation with the Rinaldi power harrow attachment, this model being the only tractor on the market able to do both these functions on a permabed, leaving a flat, even surface that will give me great seed to soil contact perfect for intense plantings.

Tractor BCS 740 two wheel walking tractor and microfarming attachments. Vinrowe–, Warrigal, Victoria. Tasmanian demonstration available for potential buyers on request through Longley Organic Farm.

11HP diesel.  Has all the benefits of a larger tractor including diff lock, hand brake, quick release PTO, but with a much greater power to weight ratio, without soil compaction issues and allows more efficient use of space at a fraction of the cost.





Renaldi power harrow. – Incorporates compost and amendments to 100mm depth and prepares bed for planting in a single pass. Can only be used with the 740 BCS Tractor.(Australia only)



Single or double sided Berta Plough – Essential for commercial market garden no-dig permabed construction. To be used with BCS Tractor



800mm Berta Flail Mower -able to cut and mulch green manure crops in a single pass –To be used with BCS tractor.


Many other attachments are available, refer to Vinrowe website.


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